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Residential Roofing

Trust in the Quality of a Flanigan Roof.
Trusted roofing craftsmanship and quality materials backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

We'll Help You Find The Perfect Roofing Fit.

Our roof replacement technicians are experienced and qualified to handle any type of roofing issue or material your project calls for. From persistent leaks to a roof that’s just lived way past it’s time, Flanigan & Associates will carefully evaluate your project needs, and then work hard to help you find the perfect fit for both your property and your pocketbook.

If you find you’re having some issues or if you’ve noticed any warning signals like curling and buckling or missing shingles or tiles, it may be time to take a very good look at your roof. The Flanigan name has been synonymous with quality roofing since 2005 and our reputation has only grown with each project we complete. Give us a call today at 800.611.9081 or fill out our online estimate form and let Flanigan & Associates help you determine if it’s time for a new roof.

We bring years of proven performance to every re-roof project we work on - from a new residential roofing installation to a small repair.

Complete Residential Roofing Services.

Your roof covers and protects so many things that are important to you: your family and loved ones, your pets and your precious memories…they are all there, right under your roof. And that’s why a well-constructed roofing system is vital to protect both the investment you have in your home, and so many of the other things you care about and love in your life.

If you are re-roofing your home or building a new residence, the contractor you hire for your residential roofing project should understand the investment value your property represents. After all, every roof is different and requires an individual approach. The decision to install a new roof is something you’ll probably only make once or twice during your lifetime, and deciding to put your trust in Scudder Roofing is not something we take lightly.
Flanigan & Associates is responsible for thousands of the roofs you see in the local area — from Palm Beach to the Keys, and beyond. Our quality roofing craftsmanship is part of the history and landscape of our community here.

Trust in the Quality of a Flanigan Roof.

From a major roof replacement to a complex leak or interior damage repair, we have the skill to handle the job no matter how big or how small.

We’ve installed residential roofs for more than three decades and believe you’ll find no other roofing company in the area can offer you the same quality and reliability that accompanies every Scudder project. Whether you need a new roof, custom roofing or you’re simply tired of a persistent leak you can’t get rid of, Scudder offers the perfect service to meet your needs.

Our specialties run the gamut from custom Metal roof styles to Tile and stone, architectural shingles, fire-safe roofing, and so much more.