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Our Customer Process

Thinking about hiring Flanigan's Roofing team? Here's what you can expect from us, from start-to-finish.

Our Re-Roofing Project Process

Whether you call in and speak to one of our team members or you submit an online estimate request form, we will gather your information and then one of our team members will make an appointment with you for an on-site visit.

An experienced Flanigan Roofing estimator will visit you at your home or business at a time convenient for you to properly evaluate your existing roof`s condition and discuss repair or replacement options. Your estimator will give you recommendations on what type of work is needed (if any) and the steps to complete the work. Flanigan’s Roofing estimators are carefully trained and very experienced. We take the time to properly evaluate not only your roof, but all of the individual components that are directly affiliated with your roof. Accurate measurements and inspections are crucial for designing the right roof system for you at a price that fits your needs and your budget.

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Our Project Proposal.

After a careful assessment at your on-site visit, your estimator will prepare a comprehensive roofing proposal which includes detailed findings, photographs and recommendations for work (if needed) as well as possible alternatives. The scope of work, materials, benefits, and process will be outlined and the costs included. We`ll walk you through each line of the proposal and clearly explain the details.

Once your Roofing proposal is approved and signed, we then schedule your project start date and pre-construction meeting depending on weather forecasts, anticipated delivery of materials and convenience for your schedule. At this time we also contact the Building Department in your community to obtain the necessary permits and schedule required inspections.

Your Project Begins.

With the necessary precautions to protect your home and property complete, we remove your old roof. We will also inspect the roof deck for things like dry rot or termite damage and report the findings to you. Repairs (if needed) will only be made upon your full approval.

Depending on your community requirements, an inspector from your area Building Department may visit to inspect your existing roof deck and confirm its` soundness and that all required repairs have been completed. After the inspector`s approval, our skilled craftsmen will install your new roof system using the quality materials and careful attention to detail that Flanigan Roofing crews are known for. Once the installation is complete, we will take care to clean the grounds and leave your home and property in its original condition as if it were our own.

Your Project Installation.

The Completion of Your Project.

When your new roof is completed, our production department will contact you to set up a time for a final walk-through. At that time, our quality control inspector will check the roof against Flanigan`s exacting standards. We will also discuss your, your final bill, maintenance tips for your new roof and finally, ensure that your are another fully satisfied Flanigan Roofing customer. Once this is completed, we will schedule the required final on-site inspection with the Building Department.

When you choose Flanigan & Associates, you are choosing quality craftsmanship, top notch customer service and a company you can depend on from start to finish.