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Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Roof Maintenance
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Roof Failure

Establishing a program of regular inspections and performing routine maintenance is the key to maximizing roof performance. 

Lack of a preventative roof maintenance program will cause premature roof failure leading to unexpected costs.

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Pro-Active Program

By initiating a pro-active maintenance program, a roof system can live long past 10, 15, or a 20-year warranty.

A maintenance program is proactive rather than reactive, revealing and addressing sources and causes of leaks before they occur.

Common Misconceptions

Manufacturer/contractor warranties protect the owner from roof failure.

Manufacturer / contractor warranties do not protect the owner from roof failure caused by poor maintenance and excessive roof traffic. It is the building owner’s responsibility to maintain and control access to their roof.

Manufacturer’s warranty will last forever. 

Make sure the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty is known. Becoming a PRIME member will preventatively maintain the roof long after the manufacturer warranty expires.

Maintaining your roof

A maintenance program allows for a planned, organized approach to management of a roof asset.

Response time to address leakage problems is greatly improved.